mark anderson cartoons
Mark Anderson cartoons

Upon entering the school system, my head swam from the get-go with a crushing feeling of inadequacy at what I had not taught my first-born. After overcoming this sense of failure I became aware of another defect in my tutelage abilities. I needed to re-educate myself or my children were going to become more intelligent than me within a few short school years. Or at the very least I would start avoiding their questions until I had time to google the answer.

Throughout the many school years ahead, my children would be coming home with bigger questions, more significant problems, those dreaded mathematics and science questions were looming. I always thought my days struggling with numbers were well behind me, but formulas, divisions, multiplications, addition and subtraction are looking like they are back on the agenda.

back to school

I need to go back to school with my kids, learn it all over again and apply myself like never before. As a parent, you realise quite quickly that many of those behavioural traits you try correcting in your children (focus, listen, patience) are glitches in your own evolved personality.

By writing about my kids learning dilemmas, I hope to re-educate myself and teach them a few things along the way. Here they are, little vortex’s awaiting the fountain of knowledge that is YOU; their intelligent, sophisticated, wise, philosophical and informed parent.